How to Become Stronger without Adding Muscle Mass

How to Become Stronger without Adding Muscle Mass

Weight Lifting Experiment #1 Here is the story about how I have spend 6 months testing and optimizing a training program helping athletes to become stronger without adding muscle mass. So far, it has been a success, but it is clear to me that I’m a much better coach than athlete… Why is this weight [...]

One important lesson I’ve learned as cycling coach

Sometimes people just won’t face the truth. Look, contrary to what you might think (and what everyone else tells you), the perfect training program don’t make you better. It might actually make you perform even worse. But if you implement the advice inside the perfect training program, it will make you a lot better. In [...]

Three mandatory ingredients in Chris Froome’s training program

Christ Froome, Team Sky. Image by Rob Evans

Did you watch Chris Froome (Team SKY) on Stage 8 of the Tour de France? During the last 7km he was able to ride faster than any of his competitors. It was mainly a steady, hard pace that allowed him reach the finish line more than 1.45min before his worst opponent. I’ve seen a few [...]

5 Steps For Better Heart Rate Monitor Training

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors have been used by all kind of endurance athletes for the last 20 years. Since there is a strong correlation between oxygen consumption and heart rate, knowing your current heart rate is a great indicator of your current oxygen uptake, thus how hard you work. When you’ve used your monitor a couple of times, you will start to notice that you ride with a low heart rate the pace can be maintained for hours. Riding with a heart rate close to your maximum heart rate can be maintained for a limited time only. This is a very short description of why it can be useful to know your heart rate during bike ride. Read the 5 steps for better heart rate monitor training

Getting Started with New Training Methods

I know it might seem difficult to implement all my training advice at once. To use a structured cycling training plan, eliminate recovery rides, implement advanced VO2 max intervals etc. However, if you don’t practice with these tools, they won’t help you. So taking action is crucial, but there is no reason to panic. I’ve [...]

10 Must-Haves for Road Cyclists

Road bike gear for the serious cyclist The most important thing for a serious road cyclist is comfort. If you’re not comfortable, your riding will suffer. When I speak about comfort, I’m not talking about a tractor-sized saddle with a sheepskin cover. Instead, I’m talking about making sure everything you select fits your body and [...]

10 Things to Add to Your Mountain Biking Gear Wish List

Time Atac Alium MTB pedal

Here is a guest post from Cecilia ‘Ceal’ Potts who is a former professional cyclist. Her greatest cycling accomplishment was winning the Junior Cross Country Mountain Bike World Championships in 1997. She has made a list with 10 must haves for mountain bikers: Mountain biking used to be a sport that we’d use the same [...]