What happened in 2013 on Training4cyclists

In the very beginning of 2013, I published a couple of goals for my website:

First, publish a book and e-book bestseller on Amazon.
(goal NOT achieved – didn’t release any books in 2013)

Reach 15.000+ Email Subscribers.
?(goal NOT achieved – currently ^13300 subscribers)

Publish a couple of comprehensive articles about cycling training.
?(goal NOT achieved – published two comprehensive posts)

So there were definitive things that could have been much better. I could find several reasons that would explain (at least partly) why I didn’t reach my goals.

Still, I managed to publish a few longer posts on my website:

– The Ultimate VO2 Max Training Session

and recently published my home experiment with weight lifting:

– How to Become Stronger Without Adding Muscle Mass

In 2013 I also had the chance to have an expert from the mountain biking world write a couple of posts. It was Cecilia Potts, a former Junior Cross Country World Champion. She wrote a couple of posts sharing some of her best training tips that you can implement to increase your performance (both road and MTB):

– How to Improve Your MTB Skills

– Mountain Bike AND Road Bike Training – Does it make sense?

– Mountain Bike Race Day Tips

– 3 No-Cost Tips to Improve Your Road Cycling Technique

– How to Ride Better in a Bunch or Group Ride

– Cycling Tips for Women

I planned on releasing my 12-week pre-season training program, but I never went online for several reasons. Instead, I made an updated version of my pre-season training tips:

– Pre-season Cycling Training Tips

and a few intervals to boost aerobic performance:

– Boosting Performance With Sub-Threshold Intervals

So I missed 3 out of 3 primary goals for my website this season.

Nevertheless, it has been a pleasure to see how many people I have helped with my articles, email updates, and e-books.

A couple of days ago, I received an email from Lars H, Dallas, Texas:

“I was sitting on my bed at 4 pm in Texas, about to skip my ride because I only had about an hour or so to ride anyway and it didn’t seem worth the trouble. 

But your email came through at just that moment when I was checking the weather again and killing time, so I suited up and did a series of 30 second and then 2 1/2 minutes intervals and came home, and feel much better because of it.

Good timing! At least one person immediately benefited from your email.

I found your site fairly recently and have been enjoying your emails and finding them to be very good.”

I guess we have all tried similar situations. Sometimes we choose to ride, and on other days, we skip training. In such cases, I hope that increased knowledge about physiology and alternative training strategies can help you make better decisions.

I’ll share my 2014 goals with you soon.

Happy New Year!