2 High Quality Indoor Cycling Programs

I have previously posted three quality programs for indoor cycling that illustrate how you can save time and achieve better results.

The principles used in these training programs are very similar to those in my VO2 Max Booster Program. Another advantage is that it is unnecessary to use a heart rate monitor or power meter for pacing, even though it certainly will help an optimal training session. I will now introduce you to two more indoor cycling programs that rock:

Indoor Cycling Programs

Aerobic power 3
10min warm-up
3min (semi-high intensity)
2min low intensity
8 x (3min high intensity + 2min low intensity)
5min cooldown

This program gives you 24minutes at very high aerobic oxygen consumption. Your aerobic engine will love this program, and you will be glad that these strict intervals are separated into short 3minutes bursts. However, it is essential to maintain some intensity in the recovery periods since that will help you recover faster.

Aerobic power 4
10min warm-up
3min (semi-high intensity)
2min low intensity
4 x (6min high intensity + 4min low intensity)
5min cooldown

This program also gives you 24minutes at very high aerobic oxygen consumption. Still, it will be more challenging for you to maintain the same power outputs as in ‘Aerobic Power 3’ since the intervals are twice as long. If you compete in time trial events, this program is suitable for pacing control training.

If you use a power meter for pacing, then focus on intensity in the problematic parts of the workout and relax in the rest periods. There is a big difference between 350 and 380w in the work period, so you shall concentrate on your power output here. If you get a good recovery in the rest periods, that’s fine, don’t worry about your power output here.

Jesper Bondo Medhus explains his strong views on VO2 max and threshold power in his new ebook, Time Effective Cycling Training. For more information, please visit www.training4cyclists.com/time-effective-cycling-training/ 

9 thoughts on “2 High Quality Indoor Cycling Programs”

  1. Thanks for these indoor programs, let us get more of these extremely effective programs!

  2. thanks for these great program, unfortunately i don’t know what should i do for aerobic power 3 or 4. could you introduce some aerobic for semi or high intensity.
    thanks in advance

  3. You can make a scale of intensities with the subjective terms easy, medium, (semi-high), high and very high. These terms that can’t be translated into a specific percentage of maximum heart rate or power output.

    It’s simple and you are able to ride these indoor programs without a heart rate monitor og power meter. Thus, many riders can benefit from them.

  4. I been training for 3 weeks now and my legs muscle is still hurts. Practicing 1 hr a day and 2 hours every Sat with 4 difficult hills. I felt like Im over training. And I just found out your website today and hope this will help. Ive looking for your 14 days VO2 training, can I subtitute the indoor training for cold days? Correct me if Im wrong: 3 x (5+10min) 90% / 50% of your VO2 Max test result, is this means 5 min sprint 10 min rec (3×5 min +10 min recovery) Sprint 90% of your strength/ 50% strenght of recovery? Can you make me a program for 5 days only if you can . Im 47 years old and condsider my self phisically fit. Thank you much

  5. I do exactly the training listed up 40 mins a day , 5 days a week for 3 months and ive noticed no weight loss…. a little toning here and there but no weight loss. HELP ME!

  6. @Michelle

    These intervals are not made for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you have to focus on your diet. If you have just a slightly negative calorie balance you will lose weight in a period of 3months. If you just eat more when you’ve trained and keep a neutral calorie balance, you will most likely stay at your current weight – maybe with better and more lean body composition.

    Good luck with your training!


  7. Jesper,
    Thanks for the comment back… but i wanted to know what do you mean by eating a neutral calorie balance? I am not one to keep a diet… I’ve tried it before and crashed two weeks into the diet…. Can you be a little more specific on what to eat incorporating calories?

  8. Hi,

    Just wondering about your 4 aerobic power sets. It says to use them if you want to keep your VO2 max at an acceptable level, Whats confusing me is I though VO2 max would be reached at anerobic levels of training thus negating it as an AEROBIC power set? Can you please explain if it is an aerobic or anerobic set?

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