Effective Training Programs for Indoor Cycling

The winter season is monotonous for most riders with indoor training like spinning, home trainer, or stationary bicycling. I think it is boring too, and therefore I have invented a couple of training programs and an e-book, which have proved to be very effective and short in time.

Indoor Training Programs Saves You Time

Road cyclists can do all of these programs without a heart rate monitor. The programs have in common that they are time-saving and specific for either aerobic or anaerobic metabolism.

The short version is: To increase or maintain your VO2 max, you should train at a level close to your VO2 maximum. The recommendations are to spend as much time as possible at your VO2 max in intervals and with active recovery.

So now you can keep your training short in time and still reach your goals. All you need is a bottle of plain water. Have fun!

Indoor Cycling Training Programs

Aerobic power 1 (50 minutes)
15 minutes – Warm-up (increasing intensity)
5 x (4min high intensity + 2min low intensity)
5 minutes cool down

This indoor program increases your maximum oxygen consumption. It gives you 20 minutes at a very high oxygen consumption, but it is not intended to be ridden to complete exhaustion.

Your VO2 max will gain improvements even at a more comfortable pace. It is, however, still important to push yourself very hard during the intervals. You should maintain intensity at about 60% of VO2 max in the resting periods.

Aerobic power 2 (49 minutes)
15 minutes – warm-up (increasing intensity)
5 x (40 sec. very high intensity + 20 sec. low intensity)
3 minutes recovery
5 x (40 sec. very high intensity + 20 sec. low intensity)
3 minutes recovery
5 x (40 sec. very high intensity + 20 sec. low intensity)
3 minutes recovery
5 x (40 sec. very high intensity + 20 sec. low intensity)
5 minutes cool down

This indoor program increases your maximum oxygen consumption because you work with slightly higher intensity during the intervals than in the previous ‘Aerobic Power 1’ program. As a result, you will also gain increments in your anaerobic capacity.

You can expect results after only a couple of training sessions. This program rocks.

Anaerobic power 1 (50 minutes)
15 minutes – warm-up (increasing intensity)
5 x (60sec. maximum intensity + 6 min. recovery)

This indoor program increases your anaerobic capacity. Your body reaches enormous amounts of anaerobic metabolites during the intervals. After only a few of these sessions, your body will be better off working in an anaerobic environment. This training session is suitable for cycling races, where jumps and sprints demand anaerobic efforts. This training art is exhausting, and road cyclists should mainly use it for competition preparation.

You can find more inspiration for indoor cycling training here. Also, it is worth to have a look at my solid 6-week training plan.

75 thoughts on “Effective Training Programs for Indoor Cycling”

  1. Dear Sir,

    i like the indoor programs..but where is anaerobic power program Nr. 1?

    Thx for the hint.


  2. Why train anaerobi in the winter? You dont need it in the winter. You need it in the competitions in the spring/summer/autumn ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. As I wrote in the article: “This art of training is very exhausting and therefore it should primarily be used for competition preparation.”

    Thus, if you don’t have competitions then save the anaerobic stuff for later.

  4. >Why train anaerobic in the winter? You dont need it in the winter. You need it in the competitions in the spring/summer/autumn

    In answer to that i beleive that anaerobic fitness/power/strength as with any other components should be maintained to a degree all year round. I also beleive this will minimisetotal loss in important areas whilst developing others

    Say your a beginner
    e.g –

    1)Steady state aerobic training low intensity 1-2 months maybe longer dependind upon total distancewishing to acheive – 55%65mhr worked out from

    2)Intro of aerobic intervals 2:2 increasing to 5-6:2(5-6 mins faster:2 mins very steady recovery) in months 2-4 ratio to begin with 55-75%mhr (maintaining some steady state pushing up speed, and at each new cycle pushing up distance rotating between the 2.)
    This will be building upto tempo runs aswell (High intensity runs sustained for around 20 mins maybe longer or shorter dependant again upon goals)

    3)Next would come some intros of intervals stepping up into anaerobic and pushing the lactate system- zones as demonstrated above, so runs would be be between 55-85% mhr.

    During this time there would still be the odd steady run maybe every 7-10 days,aerobic intervals with hill and speed variations but more concentration on the Hi Intensity Interval Training.

    So when it comes back to the start again there will still be some elements of anaerobic training involved.
    What does everyone else think?

    here’s another way..
    I have read that a good way to try and maintain all elements is to put it in an unconventional order

    1) aerobic -6 weeks
    2) anerobic -6 weeks
    3) tempo runs/aerobic intervals – 6 weeks
    4) anaerobic-6 weeks
    5) aerobic-6 weeks
    6) tempo runs/aerobic intervals – 6 weeks
    7) anaerobic -6 weeks
    8) aerobic -6 weeks( here we are back at the start again)

    This way we dont have longer than 6 weeks outside a certain method of training so we can minimise loss from other areas.
    The study i read was actually about rep ranges and it was something like

    12-15 and so on

    I re adjusted it quickly just to try and illustrate my research into different articles.
    PEAK PERFORMANCE is very good.


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  8. Can you please explain to me if dips/push ups should be done
    whilst spinning are they safe? will they cause injury?

    I am aware that they are contraindication of the spinning program
    but they are instructed and many gyms.

    Thank You
    Regards Steve

  9. I can’t see what push-ups can do good for you in a spinning class. If you are interested in building strength then do it before the spinning class. There are no good arguments why push-ups should be done whilst spinning.

  10. I am a winter sport athlete just finishing my season. I live in the mountains where it is still snowing. Which program is best for me to use to try to prepare for a race mid-June?

  11. Hi
    Thank you for your comment
    I did not say that I did dip/push ups. I have never done them or instructed them, and never will, but there are lots of people who do, do them. I would like to know if anyone has any info on accidents injurys etc? All the info I have says you should not do dips /push ups etc but I would like to know what injurys it can cause, I have a good idea myself but would welcome other oppinions.
    Thank You Regards Steve.

  12. Hi
    Is there anyone out there who can help re my question

    Can you please explain to me if dips/push ups should be done
    whilst spinning are they safe? will they cause injury?

    I am aware that they are contraindication of the spinning program
    but they are instructed and many gyms.

    Thank You
    Regards Steve

    Thank you for your comment
    I did not say that I did dip/push ups. I have never done them or instructed them, and never will, but there are lots of people who do, do them. I would like to know if anyone has any info on accidents injurys etc? All the info I have says you should not do dips /push ups etc but I would like to know what injurys it can cause, I have a good idea myself but would welcome other oppinions.
    Thank You Regards Steve.

  13. Steve McClean

    Have started using these programs and they are helping.

    I wish to get better at hill climbs but there are only a few around and I struggle to get there and back then off to work. Is there any program to help with the indoor trainer to simulate conditions so a 10-30min climb becomes a more enjoyable task and be able to stay in touch with those mountain goats.

  14. Hey great site,
    I am looking to buy a staionary trainer and was wondering if anyone could give me advice especially your Jesper. I have been cycling for 5 months and love it and am looking to compete next season. I was going to spend about รขโ€šยฌ150-200 on a trainer and was wondering should i get a turbo or rollers and what should i look out for?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated as this site has been very helpful for me!


  15. Am @ south africa you change me into a jet whith your programs thanks sotho says ke a leboga will update you

  16. Word for Ciaran : I invested in a pair of rollers last year and I can honestly say they have been of great benefit. The beauty of these compared to a fixed turbo-trainer is that you have to bring your core muscles much more into play when using these, as you constanly need to keep your balance.

    This honestly does become second-nature after a while and you can soon concentrate on those intervals, while improving your pedal-stroke at the same time. Also, they are great for warm-ups prior to events and can be chucked in the car without taking up too much space (get the folding ones if you can).

    A must for winter-training.

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  18. I like doing the pushups in my classes and have never seen an injury. I have heard they occur if the instructor does not provide a strong guidance about recommended tension. However, I do think they are more effective for female spinners as I have heard it can be a challenging angle on the male anatomy.

  19. Hi Jasper
    I wonder if you can help. I teach spinning 5 days a week. I take my club out on the road on Saturdays and Sundays. We are now moving into a winter. My club has asked me to put together a program for a peroid of 4 months. Our racing season starts in September and our fist major event is in November 94.7(100kms) 28 000 people riding 2nd biggest in the world. To this end I need to work in a structure to build up their strength and endurance. I will be taking my club twice a week, tuesdays and thursdays for 1 hour in the mornings.
    could you give me your thoughts. Regards Sean Gallick

  20. Thanks for the training protocol. But reading the comments reinforces my feeling that most people with an opinion on fitness are idiots.

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  22. I am exploring the teaching of an indoor cycle group to individuals with disabilities that would benefit from themed rides and greater visualisation in the form of perhaps DVD alongside music

    Any tips much appreciated



  23. Kevin, It all depends on what types of disabilities you’re talking about. Obviously amputees are going to be very different from Neurological disorders.

  24. I do about 2 hours in the spinning class 6 times a week at the moment as it is to cold, the same old story. I try to make it at interesting as possible. I warm up for 20 min and then start a 40min hight intensity (HR 155-165 with MHR 195), then take a 15 rest and do the same thing again with 15 min cool down 3 times a week with 2 easy days were I just pedal for 2-2.30min, with a few weight training session in there. I would like to increase my power output to 350watts for 2 hours, at the moment I am on 300 watts for 2 hours and weight about 70kg with 10% bodyfat. In a perfect world I would like to weight 67kg and push 350 watts for 2 hours. What am I doing wrong, please dont be shy with the anwser.

  25. I’ve been told that riding indoors without a fan “artificially” elevates heart rate. Any thoughts on this?

  26. Hi! I am not a competitor, just a 45 y.o. without exercising for some 7 years due to feet ache etc. (I had my heart checked etc. before starting) I bought a Spin cycle sept 20 and started 20 min with low charge as it was all I endured. Then I found this wonderful page and started to do 1st aerobic program then 2nd and lately the Anaerobic program. To date I have been doing Anaerobic program you made and have some 3 weeks practicing it. Even thought it says “more proper por competition” I embraced it without any negative impact so far both in my knees etc nor my heart, as I feel more and more confident… I have 2 little questions: 1) Would this programa hurt me? and 2) What “following” program would you reccomend me ? Many thanks in advance and congrat on this page it is the best I have read. Greets from Mexico

  27. hi. i am taking a spin class that is taught by a road cyclist. the class is 1.5 hours and maintains a pretty high intensity throughout – mostly long 85% intervals with short rests. what is this equivalent to for an outdoor ride? 2hr ride? 3hr ride? thanks!

  28. Hello
    I would like to ask you; at what target heart rate % of your max heart rate should you be riding at when you are riding “at high intensity” and “at very high intensity” during the aerobic workouts? Thanks, Petr

  29. Hi Jesper
    The indoor programs look good, but I wonder how often you would recommend to train ? Every day, every second day, or .., and mayby interchange between aeribic and anaerobic ?

    Best regards
    ClausSG from Denmark

  30. Can u pls educate me on what means: high intensity, very high intensity and maximum intensity? Does this relates to the hear rate that I should be training?

  31. Hi All,

    What would you recommend for losing fat? I just bought a bike to get rid of the belly, I made many changes in my dieting habits and I am working out now every day. As I am living in CHina and running on the street is near to impossible I wanna start Spinning to lose fat and increase stamina.

    All tips are more then welcome.



  32. Hi
    I am 51 years old and love my riding BUT when I start riding hard my gluts hurt heaps My phiso thinks I am not using them.What can I do to get them working again?

  33. Hi Folks,

    Does anyone know of indoor cycling equivalent of row pro?
    Basicaly I’m looking for an indoor machine for winter that will allow me to hook up to a PC and race similar to that of the row pro system that indoor rowers have.


  34. Good day to all you people i don’t know. From what i hear, most people find that training indoors on a turbo trainer boring. Not for me it ain’t. In fact i love it. Outdoors in doors love it. Just a few days ago i cycled 150 miles non stop on my turbo trainer in eight hours at an average cadence of 80 rpm. 38400 revs in eight hours. Love it. No fan just music for company. I have ridden 100 miles on a turbo trainer 10 times this year plus another 120mile ride. I have cycled 100 miles two days running on a turbo trainer. Good cardio workout for me any how. Of course i have cycled several 100 plus milers on the road this year. The equipment i use INDOORS an 18 year old raleigh router and a 15 year old elite turbo trainer WHEN the weather is poor jump on your turbo trainer and do a 100 miler. Not ALL the time on Occasion. Just when the weather is to poor to train outdoors. Usually push a 40 front 15 rear sprocket. Out of the saddle for a minute every five. Loads of energy bars at hand, bananas and of course water and maximuscle viper. Minimum heart rate 35 maximum 201. ALL you need is fitness and focus. GOOD LUCK.

  35. Campanola Watches

    I do prefer to do pushups in spin class and have never been injured, nor been in a class that did pushups and had an injury. I like the feeling of my arms burning as well as my legs during my workout! I think it’s beneficial!

  36. Hi,

    thanks for this website…

    I have a questions:
    What are the pros and cons of the two aerobic programs?
    4min versus 40sec intervals with different quantity?

  37. Hi,
    I’m a beginner to training programs. I’ve just done my own cycling routines for a while at home but would like to start programs like the ones listed here. I have just come across this page and am going to begin following Aerobic Power 1 & 2 immediately. I have one question, (which may be a silly question) What exactly is meant by recovery? Is it a medium intensity or maybe just a comfortable pace? I would have thought it was low intensity but in the Power 2 program the low intensity is followed by the recovery. Please help as i want to follow the programs properly. Thank you

  38. Hi
    I don’t know how Paul manages 8 hours on an indoor trainer 90 minutes is enough for me.
    The other day at the gym I intended doing a 90 minute session and my battery died on my mp3 after 30 minutes.
    The remaining 60 minutes were torture.
    I am always on the look out for different routines to try. I have created my own, but find I am trying to re-invent the wheel.
    I have been spinning recently with some mp3 downloads (just like being in a class) which I enjoy and joined my first spinning class last week which was also good.

    I doubt I will ever do (or indeed want to do) 8 hours on an indoor trainer, but fair play to anyone who does.

    Keep Moving
    Dave Whitworth

  39. Hey, I was wondering if someone can give me advice. I do spinning on a bike 5 days a week for 45 mins and stay on level 10 and drop to 8,7,6, and go back up to 10. I push myself and do high speed and low speed intervals. Then do your normal weights for arms and sit ups. I was wondering if the cardio I’m doing is good and is effective for weight loss. Thank you.

  40. Michi
    In my experience I find the best way for weight loss is shorter more intense sessions like the ones you are doing but changing the routine to incorporate aerobic, anaerobic, leg power and throw in some endurance sessions. So, guessing at your resistance levels being moderate to hard you would do a aerobic session with intervals at level 6/7. A anaerobic session with intervals at levels 10/11 and a leg power session going up to your maximum resistance. For the endurance session you need to do at least 90 minutes. I usually incorporate this philosophy in my weight training changing from one week medium weights, one week heavy weights and one week at weights I can only lift for 8 reps.
    Of course everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you, but there is no harm in trying.
    If you are doing regular exercise at intense levels and not losing weight you may have to review your diet.
    Try keeping a count of how many calories you eat in a week and how many you burn off. It will give you an idea if you need to cut down.
    For me this is easy. I just need to hibernate at weekends and the weight would drop off.

    Keep Moving
    Dave Whitworth

  41. Dear Dave Whitworth,
    Thanks soo much for the advice. This is only my second week of working out, I’ve noticed I have toned up but no weight loss yet. Is that normal? my jeans are looser on me but when i get on the scale still the same weight. I try to eat healthy; but still eat carbs and sugars…. but in moderation and I always watch what I eat and how much I eat. I can not count calories…. just try to watch what I eat and sometimes have those horrible cravings. Any more ideas ??
    keep in touch.. Michi

  42. Michi
    I wouldn’t worry too much about your weight. Ditch the scales and use the mirror. I would definately give counting calories a go just for a week. You will get an idea of just how good or bad your diet is and can act accordingly.
    If you have only been training for 2 weeks and already have loose jeans you should be ok. Don’t forget, muscle weighs more than fat so like I said don’t worry too much about your weight.
    For more info take a look around this site and follow the link in my name to my site where I have a few articles which might help you.

    Keep Moving
    Dave W

  43. Thanks Dave so much for your advice! I’ll keep you posted and hopefully within this month will loose more weight! I actually weighed myself and lost two pounds! I will TRY to keep a diet and watch what I eat and how much.. but I cant promise anything! ALL I know is that I toned up! no more scale for me!! dont want to get to crazy with number in weight! thanks again…

    keep in touch!~ Michi

  44. Im off a good level of fitness at the momment but I work away from home and only have access to a stationery bike in the gym as im in the middle of the caspian sea on a platform, im away for 4 weeks and home for 4weeks so training while im away is essential so i dont get left behind when i get home. I was becoming boared with my usual cycle routine and not finding the motovation to go to the gym until i found this site
    Well i started the Aerobic 1 last week , but pushed up to 17-18 my RPE for the 4min as i ride enduro DH races on mountain bikes and this is the average length of a timed stage. I have to say this week i have seen my power in wattts increase and im keeping the power down for the full 4 min now..Cheers for the programe. More indoor programmes to increase my sprinting for these enduro events i have this year..Thanks alot

  45. I’m a beginner at cycling and was wondering if anyone could give me a program to follow… I’m indoors now since i don’t have a bike yet.

  46. in what gears do you use the programs ? and aerobic 1 and 2 ans then anaerobic 1 is that for seperate days ?

  47. Hi! I’m also sort of a beginner rider. I hjave done spinning classes before, but one thing is to do what you are told, and to know what you are actually doing. I have a professional spin bike, like the ones at the gym, and would like to use it properly in order to acomplish my weight loss goals. In addition I do weight training, but I think I’m lacking on my cardio.
    How should I combine the programs above in order to get better results, and, how do you know when to stand or sit. I see that you guys focus more on other things rather than pose, that’s why I ask.
    And, what kind of “computer” or “system” would you recomend in order to keep track of speed and intensity?
    Hope someone can help!

  48. Hi, I have a question about which indoor bike to get. Would you recommend a spin bike or a trainer for a road bike? My road bike is a MTB so usually dirty and I don’t want to bring it indoors without risking a divorce, so I was thinking spin bike. I am told that 40lb flywheel is a minimum, but that still leaves me with options of $500 to $1500. And now I’ve been told to get one with programs – that is only a handful of them. Any advise truly appreciated!

  49. Two short sessions or one long?

    What is your view on splitting training sessions? I’m using and indoor trainer to get through the winter and wondering if 2 x 30 minute sessions are as good as 1 x 60? (2 x short is my preference). I’m 46, I don’t race, but I’m quite fit and want to keep up with my mates in the French alps once summer starts.

    Big thanks Jesper for all the motivating info. Best and most practical source of training info I’ve found – well done.

  50. Training for long 150+ mile ride with climbs 2-3 miles long.. Total climbing is about 6500-7000ft. -this coming summer.
    Question- when using indoor trainer (with this ride in mind), should I focus on high-cadence spinning or high resistance mashing (simulating the uphills)?

  51. Hello jesper I would like purchase your e. book but i have no PayPal Account . Is it possible to pay the bill from my Bank? Thankyou J.Tuck

  52. Hi Jesper, hope you can help. In regards to the training programs above, when you talk about very high intensity, high intensity etc, can this be related to a percentage of max heart rate. as this is the best measure I have.

  53. hi jesper! how can i determine a high intensity,low intensity training using a heart rate monitor?at what percentage of maximum heart rate is a high intensity/low intensity workout?

    just the same inquiry as craig’s comment on march 10,2011

  54. Dear Jesper
    I m Iran junior national team coach and i use your indoor plan training with some changes for my team last year in winter and its realy work becouse we couldnt train specialy in cold weather at road and track and this plan was usefull for me and my team.
    thank you

  55. Hi Jesper,

    Same question as ‘Craig’ and ‘arnel alquinto’ can we have some form of measure of heart rate with regards to the intensity levels?


  56. hi jesper! How can i determine a 4min high intensity,a 40 sec. very high intensity workout workout in % of my VO2 max? My VO2 Max is about 330 Watt (5 min time-trail) and my critical power is about 275 watt.

  57. I have a race in 10.02.2012 about 40 km. Av. slop 0.5% , max slop 6.3% , what can you help me for this race ? and how make program for training ?
    Thank you

  58. looking for different workouts to keep my motivation up as i would like to do some century rides this coming spring and summer

  59. Thank you Jesper ,
    I started the training but i wanna a program plan for the one mouth after the race , i m doing about 10 hr. in the week ,2days rest , 1 day outdoor about 3 hr. , and i training 1 day a week VO2 , 3 days int.power , about me i m from Jordan-Amman i have 42 years old , if you can give me your recommended i will be happy .

    Thank you so much

  60. Dear Jesper
    I have a mistake in the previous message very sorry ( after the race —-before the race ) .
    Thank you

  61. I teach on the average of 5 spin classes a week at two different fitness centers. The classes include all abilities, fitness enthusiast trying to lose some weight, the novice cyclist, the serious cyclist, and those serious competitors in cycling and triathlons. One of the fitness centers has asked me to put together a winter cycle training program to be taught to serious cyclists in a spin format. Your E-Book on winter training programs – Can it and is it used for spin classes? Are there spin classes using your format. Can you give me names/locations so I can inquire.

  62. This is directed to AZ who posted about a ride this summer. Sounds like the same ride I did in 2010 (and am planning to do again this year). If you haven’t ridden before, it is important to be able to sustain your registered pace over the distance. I ride in Atlanta ordinarily and found the two significant climbs on this ride to be manageable…the second was indeed a beast, but nothing compared to North Ga mountains.

  63. hi jesper! how can i determine a high intensity,low intensity training using a heart rate monitor?at what percentage of maximum heart rate is a high intensity/low intensity workout?

    Thanks !

  64. Hi Jesper

    Re VO2 Max, in your ebook you suggest ever 120% of FTP or one’s 5min av power.

    I would have almost 30w of a difference between the 2 values, so would you suggest picking enlower of the 2 so that one completes the full set, rather than try the top end and risk not completing the set?


  65. In the 12-week winter training program I recommend two different performance tests in the first week: 5 and 30-minute performance test to reflect your current fitness at VO2 max and threshold power.

  66. I’m 78 years old and will be riding in RAAM this year in a 4 man team about a month from now. While I have the stamina for a ride of this magnitude I’m not fast. Also, I’m not a racer and never have been. My question is how do I get faster in such a short time?

    I just started doing interval training by pushing for about 10 minutes and normal cycling for about 4 minutes. I stay in the middle front ring and take turns on the 9 speed rear cog. I”m doing this for about an hour every other day. Recently I’ve been cycling about 2 to 3 hundred miles per week. What do you think?

  67. Hi Jesper,
    I just joined your mailing list and have been looking for a training program that fits my lifestyle. I am 47 years young and have been trying to maintain my fitness for the last few years after dropping 23 kilos 2 years ago. Two years ago, I set myself a target of competing and finishing a novice traithlon, did 3 in the end – the thing that got me through was a training regime setup for me by a work colleague. Last year I decided to run a 8 km cross country and set my training program based on one found on the web. {I have decided I really do not like running, but it is the only thing that really keeps the weight off}
    This year, my goal is a time trial race at the Australian Masters Games in October and I have been training for the last 4 weeks or so, fitting in with my soccer commitments. I train on the Indoor bike on Tues and Thurs mornings, doing around 30-35 mins, with some upper body weights on Wed and Fri mornings – I have slightly sore MCLs, both knees, at the moment, so no leg weights yet! On Saturday i go for a 6 km walk and on Sunday i have been doing a 9 – 14 (built up with 3 weeks of 9 km and 1 of 14km) kms ride to the pool, then doing 1600m swimmimg before jumping on the bike and riding home, 9 kms.
    I found this page and was wondering how to det the ‘INTENSITY’ on an a basic indoor bike. I did Aerobic 2 today as listed below, where {1} is the lowest tension on the bike and {2} was the next tension level up. Should I be using a higher tension, or is it wise to slowly increase over the following weeks?

    5 minutes โ€โ€œ warm up (increasing intensity)(80-90 rpm){1} – (80-90 rpm){2} 5 x (40 sec. very high intensity โ€โ€œ 20 sec. low intensity) (110-115 rpm – 70-80 rpm){2} 3 minutes recovery (80-90 rpm){1} 5 x (40 sec. very high intensity โ€โ€œ 20 sec. low intensity) (110-115 rpm – 70-80 rpm){2} 3 minutes recovery (80-90 rpm){1} 5 x (40 sec. very high intensity โ€โ€œ 20 sec. low intensity) (110-115 rpm – 70-80 rpm){2} 3 minutes recovery (80-90 rpm){1} 5 x (40 sec. very high intensity โ€โ€œ 20 sec. low intensity) (110-115 rpm – 70-80 rpm){2} 5 minutes cool down (80-90 rpm){1}

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