Buying Road Pedals? Consider Weights and Prices

Road pedals are not just road pedals, they add grams to the overall bike weight and thus play a role for your overall performance. You might have read about my little experiment to find out how much does extra weight cost on Alpe d’Huez which shows that even small weight savings makes a difference. Thus, it is worth considering bike components’ weights when you spend money next time.

Choosing new road pedals is not always an easy job. There are several things to consider and two major concerns are prices and weights. There are actually some quite significant savings for your wallet and bike weight if you look at the scheme below:

Professional Road Pedals

Weight Price
Shimano Dura Ace PD-7900 Carbon Pedal 318g $229
Look KEO Blade Carbon Ti Pedal 258g $499
Campagnolo Record Ti Pro Fit Plus Pedals 336g $300
Speedplay X/1 Titanium Road Pedal 234g $329
TIME RXS Titanium Carbon Pedals 265g $359

Semi-Professional Road Pedals

Weight Price
Shimano Carbon Ultegra PD-6700C 335g $149
Look KeO Sprint Pedals. White 328g $180
Speedplay X/5 Road Pedal 290g $125

Beginner Road Pedals

Weight Price
Shimano 2010 105 SPD-SL Road 392g $89.95
Look Keo Easy 370g $69.95

All listed weights are Total weight (Pedals incl. cleats).

Please note that the links above are all pointing at Amazon which means that receives a small payment if you click the links AND buy your cycling equipment through these links.

As I have written previously, every single gram saved is an advantage on the climbs. Naturally it must not negatively effect the riding performance, but I have never heard of a rider having troubles with light weight road pedals. Thus, if you have decided to reduce your bike’s weight, then the above links could be a good place to begin.

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  • Ouroboros Link


    Nice article! Can you add a column for the cleat weight also? You need to add the two to get the most accurate weight for the combo – it may change a few of the above.

  • pacrimlib Link

    I agree about the cleat wts. My speedplay ss pedals (207g) w/ cleats weighed 331g.My zero cleats w screws wt 124g. Proclaimed wt. of keo cleats is 69g. Do the math. Pedal & cleat combo does change.

  • bikeman54 Link

    All this is very fine and definitely worth knowing, but what about us cyclists who are struggling with trying to lose weight. When talking about pedals, we are talking about a few grams. When it comes to body weight, you can be talking about many kilos. As someone struggling with the reality of shedding unwanted weight, a few grams weight-saving on pedals fades into insignificance. I am not looking for sympathy but, for those of us trying to get to any kind of competitive weight, slimming-down is a very realistic challenge and weight-saving on equipment is the least of our worries.

  • Simon Link

    It may be instructive to consider cost per gramme. Buying Dura-Ace pedals instead of 105 costs an additional $199, that $4.52 per gramme. You might find better value elsewhere.

    More importantly, as bikeman54 says, there is no doubt that saving weight off by far the heaviest part of the outfit – the rider – will make the most significant difference of all. Even for already healthy riders we are looking at multiple kilos rather than a few grammes. This requires a little information (plenty of that on the www) but most of all it requires discipline. If you want to shed weight then leave the credit card alone, HTFU and go for it.

  • Jarrad Link

    As a Fitter and a racer, I am far more concerned with the function of the pedal over the weight! Like two others have stated I can lose more meaningful weight and save a boatload of money in the process. While I understand the need for a light bike, the minimal weight savings from a pair of high end pedals does not make up for the price difference. It would be wise to point out that some of these pedals have a rider weight restriction too. Lets focus people on lightening the rider.

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