33 Ways to Improve Cycling Performance

When a new year begins, it’s a great time to implement new training strategies. Here is a list of 33 great ways to boost your cycling performance. I’m sure that you can find inspiration for your cycling training and wish you a very happy new year!

Indoor Cycling

1. 7 Secure Ways to Improve Your Indoor Cycling
Learn to master the indoor training sessions.

2. How to Achieve Better Results with Spinning
Spinning is a great way to train in the winter, and I use it for my athletes. Here are some simple but very effective tips that will increase your benefits from spinning.

3. Effective Programs for Indoor Cycling
Examples of how high-intensity intervals can be performed indoors.

Cycling Coach

4. Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Cycling Coach
Read why the experts can help you to improve your performance.

5. Be your cycling coach
Try one of the training programs here on training4cyclists.com, for example, the 6-week training plan.

Performance tests and analysis

6. Expert Tips on How to Analyze Power Meter Files
Tips about TrainingPeaks Software.

7. 5 Basic Principles for Cycling Performance Tests
Simple but essential lessons to read before testing.

8. How to Measure Maximum Heart Rate
… and forget about the 220 minus age rule.

9. How to Measure Resting Heart Rate
… and how to understand it.

Training Tips

10. How to Increase Threshold Power in 3 Easy Steps
Threshold power rocks, and it’s easier to improve it than you think.

11. Cycling Traning Programmes for Everyone
This link is huge. There are many different training programs ready for you.

Alternative training strategies

12. How Eliminating Recovery Rides Can Improve Your Performance
Does it make sense?

13. Alternative Workouts That Will Boost Your Performance
Don’t lose motivation. There are lots of other ways to improve performance!

Strength Training

14. Why Additional Body Weight Should be Avoided
Strength training should be performed to make you stronger, not heavier.

15. Nutritional Tips to Avoid Hypertrophy
How to optimize your nutrition to avoid hypertrophy when you strength train.

16. Training Tips to Avoid Hypertrophy
Reps, sets, pause. Simple tips to avoid hypertrophy.

17. Tips about Strength Training
More tips about strength training…

Equipment etc.

18. How to Optimize Your Aerodynamic Position with a Power Meter
A comprehensive guide on how you can optimize your aerodynamics with a power meter. This article is primarily for people with power meters like PowerTap or SRM.

19. How Much Time Does Extra Weight costs on Alpe d’Huez?
Empiric data from power meter tests on Alpe d’huez.

20. The Marginal Gains theory

The marginal gains theory is all about breaking down your goals into small, achievable steps that can be improved upon incrementally. This theory was developed by Sir Dave Brailsford, head coach of the British Cycling Team, and has been credited with helping the team achieve an impressive string of victories over the past few years.

The basic idea behind marginal gains is that if you can improve every part of your cycling process by just 1%, you will see a significant overall improvement. Some of the areas that can be improved include your diet, sleep habits, training regimen, equipment, and recovery methods.

By making small changes in all of these areas, road cyclists can see a significant improvement in their performance. For example, improving your diet by cutting out processed foods and eating more whole foods can help you lose weight and improve your energy levels. Getting enough sleep every night can help you stay alert and focused during your rides, while improving your training regimen can help you become stronger and faster.

Equipment upgrades can also help you improve your performance. For example, switching to a lighter bike can help you increase your speed, while buying a better quality helmet can help protect your head in case of a crash. Finally, using recovery methods like ice baths and massage therapy can help speed up the healing process after a hard ride.

If you’re looking to improve your cycling performance, the marginal gains theory is a great place to start. By making small changes in all aspects of your cycling game, you can see big improvements in your results. So get started today and see how much better you can perform!

21. Cycling Tips Calendar
Nice calendar for 2010. Well done.


22. How Decisions Can Make You a Winner
Should you attack or not? Well, if you never shoot, you’ll never win.

23. How to Deal with Training Vacuum
Don’t get any stronger? Read this article.


24. Post Training Nutritional Tips for Cyclists
Tips about what to drink after training.

25. Soy Milk or Semi Skimmed Milk as Recovery Drink?
A comprehensive, detailed description of what we know about these recovery drinks.

E-books and videos

26. Time Effective Cycling Training
A Guide to Better Performance With Less training.

27. 12-Week Winter Training Program
Here is an excellent winter training program for riders at all levels.

28. Training For Busy Cyclists
How to handle limited time and still make impressive improvements. Great tips for people with less than 8hrs per week for training.

29. The Sufferfest: Downloadable Cycling Workout Videos
High-quality videos and cycling training combined.

30. 5 Successful Techniques Used by Winning Cyclists
Winners make fewer mistakes and win more races. What are their secrets?

31. Lessons Learned from Marathon Runners
Yes, you can learn some simple but highly effective tips from runners.

32. More Lessons to be Learned from Marathon Runners
Yes, there are even more you can learn from runners…

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  1. Dear Jesper,

    I’m not a cyclist, I only use my bike to go to work and back (approx. 30 km/day), but in spite that I don’t train, from time to time I follow some of Your tips and I could say that I noticed some improvements.


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