Cycling training with limited time available

Marc Moeller is a strong cyclist that has a limited time for training because he has a nice family and two small children to take care off. Nevertheless, he was able to do some very impressive test results last week:

Critical Power Test – Week 1 (Marc Moeller)

Critical Power Tests 5sec 1min 5min 20min Body Weight
Week 1 (Watt) 1110W 600W 395W 337W 82.6kg/182lbs
Week 1 (Watt/kg) 13.4W/kg 7.3W/kg 4.8W/kg 4.1W/kg  

Comments from Jesper Therkildsen:
Marc is a strong cyclist across the range but maybe a little low in sprinting power. 1110W might sound unreachable for many riders, but I guess that Marc will be able to perform even better with some training.

Training with limited time available
The biggest challenge for me with Marc’s training program is that he has a limited amount of time available. He can train a maximum of 8 hours which of course will limit his possibilities for improvements, but not more than I am ready to challenge him with a program that focus on getting the most out of the time he has. Please remember when looking at Marc’s stats that most riders at his level spend significantly more time on their bikes.  

Intensive training required
If you have limited time for training, intensive training is required to maximize the outcome. Thus, Marc will be training five days a week with a great amount of intervals on three of them. Marc’s program has more intervals than the other riders in this project, because I know he is able to perform higher training amounts if he had the time for it. Thus, increasing the number of intervals is a way to compensate for fewer hours on the bike.

Anaerobic endurance and sprints
Marc wants to improve his anaerobic endurance and his ability to recover from anaerobic bursts. When I look at his power profile from first test series I think that sounds reasonable (at least for the sprinting power). Thus, I have implemented some anaerobic sprints with a length of 40-45 seconds that will raise his anaerobic power. From the very beginning of the training program there will also be power sprints (Standing starts in big gears 53×12-15 for about 10 seconds). I hope that this training program will raise his power at 5sec and 1min, and at least maintain the current level 5min and 20min. Hopefully his aerobic engine will also have some benefits of this very intensive program.  

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