Cycling Races Are Not Organized in 15-minute Sub-threshold Intervals

I love structured cycling training plans.

Strategically and optimized interval training that fits perfectly to your current fitness.

Beautiful, right?

Take, for example, my 12-week winter training program: it forces you to tackle scheduled intervals three times per week and perform an increasing amount of training.

Very controlled and easy to follow.

And it works.

Could it be any easier?

Well, even though my general training philosophy focuses on structured training principles using either a heart rate monitor or power meter as a pacing tool, it’s worth remembering that most cycling races are not organized in 15-minute sub-threshold intervals.

Cycling races are incredibly unpredictable, and you will need a vast repertoire of skills to master them.

So it would help if you never were afraid to add an extra interval or join a spontaneous, friendly cycling race when you feel good.

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into your reserves when you train. This may help you to go from good to great. But, more importantly, it is an excellent mental relief to follow the pack as they begin to race.

So remember the positive attitude and enjoy the chance to have some extra training and fun at the same time.

Remember that spontaneous cycling races (fartlek) or sprints are an excellent supplement to your regular, scheduled intervals.

If you never do anything that is not scheduled in the training plan, make at least one off-diary interval/race/sprint this week.

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