VO2 Max Booster Program – Summary of Week 1

Congratulations! You are through the first week of our 2week journey to achieve a higher VO2 max. If you haven’t yet started on the VO2 Max Booster Program let’s summarize what happened on the first 7 days:

Day 1: VO2 Max Test – We started with a 5min allout test to figure out what your power output was at your VO2 max.

Day 2: Intervals Targeted For VO2 Max – First day with scheduled intervals designed for optimal improvement of your VO2 max.

Day 3: Reduce Volume, Increase Intensity – Reducing training volume is one of the central points in the VO2 Max Booster Program because it makes you able to train more intervals with higher intensity.

Day 4: More Intervals – In the VO2 Max Booster program we decrease the duration of each ride which means your body needs less recovery time before the next hard training session. When we do frequent intervals (but not too many of them) it is possible to train high intensity intervals every single day.

Day 5: VO2 Max Intervals As Active Recovery – The most controversy part of the VO2 Max Booster Program includes a short amount of VO2 max intervals on recovery days. These intervals keep your aerobic and anaerobic enzymes at a high level while the reduced training volume ensures you get enough recovery.

Day 6: Time Effective VO2 Max Intervals – Still only 1hr training per day, but with a more comprehensive VO2 max interval session than you’ve tried before.

Day 7: Avoid Failure Training – If you are not able to complete an extra interval you will have to pay for it. There are both psychological and physiological debts you have to pay afterwards. Learn yourself to stop intervals before failure.

That was the first week and you have probably already experienced some difference in your attitude to VO2 max intervals. Hopefully you are ready for the last 7 days because they will help you to make significant improvements in your VO2 max. Today you will have an easy workout with just a few intervals close to your VO2 max.

Day 8
Total time: 1hr
20min incremental warm up
3x (5+3min) 80 / 50% VO2 Max
16min min medium/ easy rolling

Next step: Day 9 – Fartlek or Races as VO2 Max Training (Did you miss Day 7?)

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  • Denis Link

    When is a season is it best to do the VO2 max booster program?
    In South Africa we are in the middle of our season and heading into the major races that conclude the season and it doesn’t appear to be the right time to start the progam now. The intevals do not fit in with the strength, speed program that is being added to the endurance training that is virtually already complete.
    I would not want to miss out on a boost to VO2 max, but don’t want to compromise my other training.

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