Wanted: Participants for Scientific Study about Recovery Drinks

Now you have the chance to be involved in a scientific project about recovery for cyclists. Shim Ravalia, who studies for a master’s in sports rehabilitation at the University of Kent, is looking for participants for her study about soy milk or semi-skimmed milk as a recovery drink.

VO2 Max test with a gas analyzer
Participants in this study will perform a V02 max test with a gas analyzer to determine maximum oxygen consumption and maximum power output. The participants will also do a glycogen depletion trial followed by a 4hr period where participants are randomized to different recovery drinks.

Randomized double-blinded trial
The trial is double-blinded, which means that neither participants nor assistants will know which recovery drink you get. The blind method is a part of the scientific method used to prevent research outcomes from being influenced by the placebo effect or the observer bias. Afterwards, scientists can track which recovery drink each athlete received.

Become a participant: Contact Shim Revelia. Enough participants, thanks!
Read more about her project about recovery drinks.

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