Winter Cycling Tips

Ready for winter cycling training?
Cycling in the wintertime is not always the funniest thing in the World. Nevertheless, serious cyclists need to train in that period too, and my experience is that it is a good idea to follow a structured training program. Here are some tips for the winter cycling period that hopefully will make you more successful.

1. Before Winter Cycling: Set a goal

I use the off-season to set new goals for the upcoming season. When you have something to look forward to, there is so much more motivation on the days when cycling is not the most attractive thing to do (rain, snow, wind, etc.)

There is a more comprehensive article about off-season cycling tips, where you can get more information about what you should do before the winter season starts.

2. Justify program to weather forecast

Serious cycling training is so much about planning. In the winter season, one of the most annoying things to experience as a cyclist is when bad weather makes it impossible to train.

I strongly recommend the riders I make training programs for to justify their programs to the weather forecast. Thus, if you know there will be heavy rain on Sunday, then take your long ride earlier in the week instead of risking a cancellation. It is incredible to see how uncomfortable cyclists can look when they either have to train a long ride in heavy rain or reduce/cancel their scheduled training session.

My point is that if you want to optimize the success rate of your winter cycling program, being aware of the weather situation is a perfect place to start.

Here you can get some inspiration for your winter training program.

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