12 Week Pre-Season Training Program

This program is an example of how you can plan the final 12 weeks before the race season begins. If you have been lazy during the winter, starting on this program might be a good chance to catch up. If you are able to do 8 to 12 hours per week training now without problems, there should be a good chance that this program will suit you.

Classic training program
The pre-season program has an intelligent design to prepare your body for the race season. the training program is currently not available because it undergoes a major update. If you want to make sure you don’t miss it when it is online, please make sure to subscribe to email updates from Training4cyclists.com. (Write your email below and click ‘Subscribe’)

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  • tero Link

    I new user of your great page 🙂
    and I have to do one question.
    What the 1×10min AT means? Mystery AT?

  • Wendy Link

    What if I don’t have 12 hours per week to train because of work?

  • dannyboy Link

    tero, AT is short for anarobic threshold. also known as lactic or lactate threshold. this the point at which your body starts to produce lactic acid, the stuff that gives you that burning sensation. fit athletes will experiuance this at around 80-85% of maximum heart rate, however this ranges wildly from person to person

  • Bob Link

    I am also new to this type of program.
    I have a Polar CS600 and can monitor heart rate, power and cadence.
    What should be my target for the rest of the ride once the set of intervals is done, for normal and easy ride?
    How should that evolve over the 12 weeks?

  • Hi,

    You present good advice – but I’m a bit unclear what some of these symbols mean in the Thursday column of the third week.

    4x(3+3)min. V02 max
    2×4x(40×20)min. V02 max
    3×5x(40+20)sec. V02 max

    Could you explain it? Thanks.

  • mark Link

    your work is amazing. please explain the question from the guy above, I’m also a little confused with the symbols but at the same time eager to do the trainning the correct way.

  • marvin Link

    great trainning program, just one question, are the 200m sprints back to back or with full recovery as the 30second sprints

  • Diego Henao Link


    This is a great program. I was wondering what the intensity should be for the time where you are not doing any specific workout. I am coming back from a surgery, so I like this plan to build my base and get back into shape. Do you recommend doing the vo2 booster program shortly after completing this program? Do you recommend to incorporate a form test at the beginning and end of the program?

  • Pete Fleming Link

    Tuesday week 8, you want me to do WHAT? 10 mins @ VO2 max??? And as for Thursday, week 12, 40 min @ VO2 max!

    Think maybe they should read 10 mins at AT, and 40 secs at VO2 max … well either that or you’re an animal 😛

  • Pengy Link

    Does this work I’m 16 and have a falcon road bike .

  • Pengy Link

    And what’s recovery as in 1.5 hrs recovery .

  • HI I sarted your training I am in
    the fist monday of the second week what’s recovery as in 1.5 hrs

  • Karedcycling Link

    Im kinf of confused when you say….
    In thursday of the first week it says .. 2.5 hr and 1×10 AT… what does that mean.??????

  • I’ve had a good break over the winter and I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike… thans for the programs. I’ll give it a shot.

  • Johan Link

    i would like to know what execises i can do to improve my legs
    the more i practice the harder it get to maintain my averages
    can you give me some exercises to beter my power or to make my legs stronger

  • charles Link

    Hi im a great fan of u and im busy now trying out ur pre season plan and so far so good im realy im proving, my problem is the when im done, should i follow up wit your in season plan or should i 1st peak how do peak or will i be on my peak when the plan finish, please help me

  • Steve Link

    Dear sir, thanks for this blogspot, nice to read everything I can.
    My question is the following: What is the benefit of paying for the the PDF if you post here the training programs? what may I find in the PDF? are there Pictures or image shots on it? Please convince me, I am deeply interested. Bless.

  • Time Effective Cycling Training is a collection of training tips and strategies to help you achieve better results with less effort. If you like what you find on my website, I promise you will not be disappointed to read my e-book. It also includes a full 16wk training program that can be used before a major event.

  • Bart Robison Link

    I am interested in the 12 Week Pre-Season Training Program, as I have a race coming up at the beginning of June and I have been occupied with other things on the mind and wearing on the body… Where can I buy this training guide? Have I missed the link somewhere?

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