14 hours per week training program

Yesterday I presented a 12 hr per week training program. I will go a step further and introduce a similar program for 14hr per week. Remember that these programs are only guidelines, and it is strongly recommended to have a solid mileage before you start. I promise that I will post a beginner’s guide soon. Until then, I will recommend beginners to train about three times a week.

This training program is designed for serious riders who already have a solid mileage and are ready to spend about 14hr/week on training and races. In this program, Tuesday and Thursday are the days for interval training. Mondays and Saturdays are recovery days. I suggest that you do a short 5 min interval before the race day. Then, after three weeks’ intensive training, I recommend that you take a recovery week with less training, fewer intervals, but at the same high intensity as usual.

One of the main benefits of this cycling program is that you get an excellent structure on your training. Therefore, this program can be used by a wide range of riders with different goals. The common goal is to be strong in the Sunday races and continue to improve their performance throughout the season. With a recovery week every fourth week, they will keep a safe distance from overtraining.

Category A and category B riders need to train more distance than this training program prescribes. I will try to give some advice to these elite guys in the future.

You can find more cycling training programs here. If you are looking for a strong aerobic engine, there is a basic cycling training program here.

app.14hr1,5hr recovery3,5hr

V02 max

4x200m sprint

2x10min AT
Rest1hr easy ride.Race, 2,5hr.
app.14hr1,5hr recovery3,5hr

3x5x(40+20)sec. V02 max

4x200m sprint

4x(3+3)min V02 max
Rest1hr easy ride.Race, 2,5hr.
app.14hr1,5hr recovery3,5hr

2x10min AT

4x200m sprint

3x5x(40+20)sec. V02 max
Rest1hr easy ride.Race, 2,5hr.

2x(3+3)min VO2 max


2x4x(40×20)min VO2 max
Rest1hr easy ride.Race, 2,5hr.

16 thoughts on “14 hours per week training program”

  1. A very informative site!
    I have a few questions…
    1. I notice that the intervals you prescribe include AT, VO2 Max, and what are sometimes called “microintervals” 3 x 5 x(40seconds work, 20 seconds rest). I have been experimenting with the microinterval workouts and would appreciate knowing why you have chosen them.

    2. Apart from the interval workouts, at what training intensity is the rest (the majority) of the training time?


  2. Hey Jeff,

    Good questions.

    1. I like the short 40+20 sec intervals very much because you can train your VO2 max effectively and gain a little boost for your anaerobic pathways. I also believe in making the training very similar to races and I think that races look more like 40+20sec than most other intervals. That is the rule of specificity. I also get more motivated in these short intervals because I know they are good for me, and I am always close to the finish line. 3x5x(40+20) makes 9 minutes at a very high intensity. Some people prefer to do 30+30 seconds intervals, but these intervals are a bit more anaerobic and it is diffucult to get enough time at VO2 max.

    2. Anything between 60 and 80 % of VO2 max. On interval days I will prefer to stay closer to 60%. Do not go harder than you are able to maintain the right intensity in the intervals. I have seen many riders go too fast in the time between two interval sessions, resulting in poor quality of the intervals. The majority of time is around 65-75%, but that depends on the rider.

  3. Hi, I’m interested in starting to train on my bike and stumbled on your site but I don’t see any way into what you are talking about. For example what do you mean by ‘solid mileage’? 10 miles a day 50, 100? Could you maybe explain in plain English the acronyms you use? Also if you don’t want to include complete beginners can you point to a site that does. I have got a basic heart rate monitor and would like to start using it to good effect.

    All the best from Ireland


  4. Hi Dave,

    Welcome to my website.

    This program is not made for beginners. It is a 14 hours per week training program. That is on average 2 hours on the bike per day.

    I hope to present some training programs for beginners in the future. It has a high priority for me. Currently, there are no specific programs for beginners, but there are many training tips that can be useful for beginners.

    If you have any questions about an article, please make a comment so I can help you.


    Best regards


  5. Thanks for this training program. I am not really a beginner but have not been in any really big races, mainly just rides. Currently I ride everyday between 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours (about 225 miles) a week. I am going to start your 12 hour training program for 4 weeks then move up to the 14 hour training and so on. I can’t read your complete training program however, I can just read Monday through Saturday. Sunday is off the edge and I can’t read it. Also do I really need a day off or can that just be an easy spin? I also train with a power tap and would like to increase my power output. My goal is to start next season racing Cat 5 and Cat 4.

  6. Hi, I am 43years I like very much ride my bike but I just have 1.5 hours per day for that.

    So what can I do for increase my cycling performence with limit time avaliable.

    I am newbie in road bike

    Thank a lot n regard’s


  7. Hi Jesper
    Could you let me know when your start beginers coarse,
    and would it be worth investing in your E_book just yet
    55 year old


  8. I believe most riders can benefit from my e-book because it is a new way to think of training. We all want more time for the things we enjoy, so time effectiveness is an issue for all ages. There are several people older than you who have bought the e-book and enjoyed reading it. If for some reasons you don’t like the e-book, I will refund your money within 30 days after purchase.


  9. Hey Jesper
    I have been reading some of your articles here on training4cyclists.com, and i think it is a great site. However i have a few questions:

    1. Is it really appropriate to do intervals both tuesday, weednesday and thursday? i would probably do several more intervals on tuesday such as sprinttraining, “speedplay”, AT, hilltraning, etc. Then i would probably go for a longer LSD training on weednesday and then probably some AT intevals on thursday.

    2. You often refer to VO2 max as the maximum average power output over a five minute period, however i always thought, that VO2 max intervals were short sprints, where you go as hard as you can. Am i wrong?

    3. I cant seem to find any articles where you recommend doing strenght training on the bike (fx 40-60 rounds per minute for a couple of minutes up a hill or in strong headwind). Is this because you dont recommend anyone doing it, or just because i cant find the articles you wrote?


  10. Hi, i started road biking in september 2010, since then i have cycled about 3,500 miles, training hills on most rides, would you say this is enough ‘base miles’ to start your 12 hour per week training program? (i am also 18)

    Also, how come you do not include hill repeats in your program?

    A reply would be greatly valued as all this is new to me! thanks! Tom

  11. Hi Jesper,

    I really need your advice. I am a 15 year old cyclist, hoping to race at national level this year. The average race times will be 1 hour crits, and I’m doing a few road races of up to 2hr30 long. How many hours of training shall I do per week? Shall I focus on intervals due to the short races?

  12. Hi Jesper,

    I’ve just completed your winter training program with additional endurance sessions midweek to prepare me for the 14 hours per week program.

    However I’d like to incorporate a hard group ride on Thursdays, this will involve a 60 minute easy/moderate ride to and from the meeting place with a main session of 60 minutes in a hard paceline. It’s a flat course with some short climbs and the last 5 minutes is usually free-for-all racing. My question is which session on the 14 hour per week program should I substitute for my Thursday night group ride?

    Thanks in advance. D

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