Cycling Training Programs


Download PDF with 47 Tips to Become a Better Race Rider

12-Week Winter Training Program

12-Week Winter Training Program (Recommended)
This training program can be used by a wide range of cyclists who want a high quality training program for their winter training.
The training program is based on your performance in two separate physical tests to secure a perfect individualized training plan.
12-Week Winter Training Program - Click Here

Time Effective Cycling Training

16 Wk Training Program incl. Tapering Protocol
This exciting new e-book will showcase how you can develop your own individual training program, fine tune your intervals and taper towards a major event.
This e-book illustrates my strong views on making the most of every minute of your cycling training.
Being time effective when you train. It is designed to help road cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes to reach their best possible performance.
Time Effective Cycling Training

Indoor Cycling Training Programs

Indoor Cycling Programs – part one
3 super effective indoor training programs that can be used on ergometer bike or in the spinning class.
Indoor Cycling Programs – part two
2 Highly effective indoor training programs that will boost your aerobic engine.
VO2 Max Booster Program
This training program will dramatically boost your race performance in only 14 days.
The training program can be used by any cyclist, but riders with a SRM or PowerTap mounted on their bike will get the best value.
There are amazing reports from readers who have tried this program.
You can improve your VO2 max dramatically in only 14 days using these workouts.
Cycling Training Programs for race cyclists

Race-Specific Interval Training Sessions

To achieve the best possible results, you should try to make your training as specific as possible.

Simply, train what you aim for. There is a high degree of specificity needed to achieve the right physiological adaptations. 

Here are some examples:

Race-Winning Intervals (3 Anaerobic Interval Sessions)
There is a HUGE potential if you train these skills the right way (because most of your opponents don’t).

Power Sprints (Increase your sprint power and accelerations)
One of the coolest things about power sprints is that you can easily combine these sprints with other intervals.

Pre-Season Cycling Training Tips
Here are 4 examples of workouts you can use in your pre-season preparation for cycling races.

The Best VO2 Max Training Session
This training session is developed by Jesper Bondo Medhus. It’s a unique method to dramatically boost your VO2 max. If you increase your VO2 max, you’ll increase your chances of success. Simple as that.

Threshold Power Interval Sessions
Developing a strong threshold power is central in many training programs. However, sometimes it is beneficial to pay extra attention to threshold power. In the bottom of this article, you will find inspiration for training sessions to increase threshold power.