Inspiration for Your Winter Training

Winter training tips: MTB is a great alternative for regular road training when it is cold.

Now it’s time to begin your winter training if you are a serious cyclist and live in the Northern Hemisphere. There are several old posts here on Training4cyclists that can be relevant for you when you plan your winter training:

Off-Season Cycling Tips – It’s offseason, so read this post before you start to plan your next season.

Winter Cycling Tips – Here are some winter cycling tips that optimize the success rate of your winter cycling program.

12 Week Cycling Winter Training Program – Here is an excellent winter training program that can inspire and develop a solid performance.

Weight lifting is a controversial topic for cyclists. Here is a post about weight lifting for cyclists and why the squat is the king in weight lifting.

Despite global warming, it’s very unlikely that you can go through this winter without doing indoor cycling. So here are some tips on how to achieve better results with spinning.

8 thoughts on “Inspiration for Your Winter Training”

  1. Hi.
    I m cyclist amateur and this winter i would like to train with your 12-week winter training, and incorporate your 12-weeks strenght training into it. But, i dont know how to coordinate them. I intend to train in a gym, on the stationary bike. Could you help me with that?

  2. Marin,

    Thanks for asking, good question. It’s difficult to implement strength training into regular cycling training because it’s hard to find room for extra training. That’s why only very few people use strength training during the whole season.

    I will make a short post about this topic in the next few days.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Jesper,

    Firstly, thanks for a great site, and I really appreciate all your posts.

    I’ve been a road cyclist for about 4 years, but have never previously used any structured training program. Thats changed, as Ive taken on your winter program as a base for next season, and I’m trying to plan my way up to the Tour in July. Im preparing for the Etape du Tour (amongst a few other sportives), but I have one concern.

    I have lots of time on my hands, and Im concerned about overtraining as we get closer to July 2010. Assuming my training remains structured/disciplined, Im eating well, sleeping well, and taking every fourth week as a recovery week, do you think it would be overdoing it if, lets say, I build up to 16-hour training weeks by mid-June 2010, and then taper in the four weeks leading up to the Tour?


  4. Jerry, I’m glad you like my site. Share the words 🙂

    There should be no problems building up to 16hrs per week if you begin now. If you have the time for it, I would actually try to add a few hours more. Still, (as you also show you are aware) remember to build your training amount slowly and steadily.
    4weeks tapering is fine.

    Best regards,


  5. Jesper

    Well, i know that you are busy, but i must ask (time is running out 🙁 ) – i have a lot of time but i dont know how to coordinate your programs since muscles need at least 48 hours for full recovery.
    Another question – since I’m begginer (with a lot of time), what program would be best for me, since i found few of them on your site (5 indor cycling programs, VO2 Max booster program, 12 week winter training program). I itend to work with 12 Week Winter Training Program, 12 Week Pre-Season Cycling Training Program, 18hrs/week Cycling Training Program. Would that be ok or too much for me?

  6. My main goal is to become better climber. Than i will see what next 😀

    1. So, if i choose 12 Week winter training program and 12 Week strength training program, can i do strength training on tuesday and thursday, since i have aerobic power that days and recovery day after?
    2. Well, i was wonder – isn’t it better to train whole body like bodybuilders but with series and repetitions like you suggested in your strength program, than only selected parts? I mean, for bench press you need also some strength in your arms – your biceps and triceps…
    If that’s ok, my only concern is where to put leg strength training in week so they don’t collide with ride on a bike, right? And other days i can train whatever i like (with recovery of 48 hours, of course).
    3. what time of day is best for what exercise? Is it good to ride a bike in the morning and strenght training, lets say, on 18:00 hours (6 p.m.)?
    And where stretching goes? I need for it at least one hour.

  7. You’re always welcome to ask questions here! 🙂

    Depending on what your goals are, there are several programs to choose from here on

    Many of these programs can be modified, combined or alternated. It’s your decision and I strongly advise people reading posts here to mix up their own programs based on the knowledge I teach them, the free programs I show examples of and their own gut feeling.

    Don’t be afraid to start out on a 12wk program, you should be in good condition when you’ve finished that one. Afterwards it’s easier for you to decide what the next step should be. It’s extremely difficult to make longer plans than 12weeks.

    btw. who said you need full recovery? Training on monday and wednesday gives you 48hrs between each visit in the gym and that should be fine.

    Best regards,


  8. Jesper,

    The very first activity in your 12 week winter plan is “Physical Test”. What exactly am I supposed to do for the “Physcal Test”? How does it apply to the other sessions? I can only assume that the purpose for the test is to determine what levels you should train at for each interval.

    Please advise. If you could email me the answer, that would be great!

    Thanks Rick

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