What Is Your Lowest Heart Rate ever?

Well, if you can’t win the races, you’ve got to focus on other competitions. One of my personal favorites is the physical parameter: Low Resting Heart Rate. As I have described previously, your resting heart rate gets lower as your conditions gets better.

You will probably already have noticed that your resting heart is lower when you are in good shape. This is because of a larger stroke volume or more correctly a bigger parasympathic drive on the sinus node. It is easy to monitor your resting heart rate, just put on your Polar rim when you wake up and relaxe for a couple of minutes.

Now I want to know: Who has had the lowest resting heart rate ever?


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  • My resting heart rate is 36 the
    max is 183 I am 51 years old I xc ski race and train all year .Do I need to worry if I am in a accident will they think I am dead?

  • cats Link

    I heard from a fellow cycling fan a long time ago that Eddy Merckx was recorded as having a resting rate of 19 bpm. Did anyone else hear that?

    FWIW I’ve not measured mine very often, but I did record 42 when I was younger – and cycle racing with some modest success.

  • jahnotan Link

    hi everyone. i’m not that active (besides walking a mile around school 5 days a week) and my HR while sleeping got as low as 35 bpm while i was in the hospital this weekend. i’ve been having fainting spells and chest pain, so i got a thorough 3 day evaluation from a team of cardiologists at UCLA harbor medical center in los angeles. i had multiple EKGs, an ultrasound and numerous blood tests… their conclusion was that i’m healthy and they couldn’t explain how it got so low without training. i’ve thus taken it upon myself to start running (slowly at first, did a mile tonight, and i know that’s nothing so please don’t scoff) but yeah, while awake, it would easily dip down to the lower 40s.

  • Chris Link

    43 right before i got my wisdom teeth pulled. freaked out the doctors. i thoguht it was funny as hell

  • Eamonn Link

    35 years old. Have only done cycle commuting really until a few weeks ago and the best I ever seen was 40bpm however after only a week of serious interval training it dropped to 37bpm and that’s where it has stayed (apart from the odd slightly higher rate) every since.

  • chris Link

    im 12 and after a minor surgery i got 43 as my lowest 🙂

  • Gary Blackall Link

    32 BPM I was in the middle of a rub… measured on a polar.

  • meh Link

    I have been learning about it and apparently a low resting heart can be pretty dangerous if you are not an intense marathon runner or something! But then again anything that is putting a strain on your heart regularly is bad for you…

  • Tim Link

    I am 32 and a relatively big boy at 6’4 and about 235 lbs. I am an ex-powerlifter (100% natural) and slowly trying, cut back from my competetion weight of 302 lbs,(overweight is overweight muscle still requires your heart to work hard!) I am currently 16.5% body fat. I run about 30k a week and cycle about 150k per week as well as weight interval training 3 days per week. Still want to see 220 lbs and 10% BF! dreams are good!

    I just train to be healthy, no other reason than feeling/looking as good as an ugly bald guy can. My RHR is usuallt around 36 bpm based on my HRM, I had a holter monitor about a year ago (long story) and it dropped to 30bpm in my sleep. My heat is healthy as can be according to my cardiologist.

    I am not a typical “athlete” nor is my sister who is in similar shape and a mother of 2 and her RHR is around 38. I would venture to guess that genetics play every bit as much a role as training!

  • Tman Link

    I can get as low as 29 BPM for short (2-3 min) durations while sleeping after wearing a Garmin 305. I get spikes of 75-80 throughout the night. Wake up around 40 bpm. (I have the data for proof).

    I am literally days away from being 40, 5′ 10″, 214 muscular/athletic and am training for a marathon in January. I used to race a bit in triathlons/road bike and other various stuff.

    I recall several years ago I was told by a doctor I have a large left ventricle in my heart. My father died of a second heart attack, so that drives to train (many times over, but I am getting better). I just love high anaeorbic stuff. I get bored with less. I used to do a bit of free diving.

    Genetics or intense training for years?

    Is 29 dangerous? Max HR I ever saw was a scary 189, so I choose 180.
    Is it the ZMA I take occasionally?

  • Bikingbecky Link

    I was a pro (female) cyclist – registered regularly at 28 bpm in the mornings. I’m now retired cyclist and it’s gone up a dash to low 30s. I think I have the lowest heart rate in the entire World:-)), but as you know, it does not mean you are going to win every endurance race. My maximum bpm used to be 180. It’s now dropped to about 174/5.

    All I can say is, if you have no side-effects which I have never had, then a 28/29 bpm resting heart rate is perfectly ok. A lot of doctors can panic about it, so you must always have to let them know about it if you’re going for a general anesthetic for some surgery, for example!

  • L. Steve Varnum Link

    My resting heart rate is about 55 bpm. I am 71 years old. I use a wrist monitor and check my BP every Sunday. My resting BPM is 54. I have recorded several 30’s and 40’s, the lowest was 31 on Dec. 8th. I think the monitor was recording incorrectly; however, it was up to low 50’s later in the day.

  • Michael Link

    I am 33, I try and do at least an hour of cardio every day nowadays. Usually this is a 5-6 mile run in the morning or evening. I’ve never checked in the AM but before bed, just laying there reading I spotted 46 BPM on my wrist monitor. Last summer was about 48. This is great since I smoked/drank/ate poorly for like 15 years.. through college and my 20s. By the time I was 29 my resting rate was up to 80! Just goes to show what a good routine and diet will do for you! I cut from 225lbs back to 170lbs as well, by biking and running constantly over a year. My max over the past year is 189. Not sure I could hit that now.. maybe 183.

  • Paul Link

    Question for everyone: I would like to monitor my HR over an extended period (maybe 24 hours). Can anyone recommend a good HRM for this? Some of you have mentioned Garmin, particularly the 305. If you wear it overnight (Tman, I think you did this) do you need to apply a gel to get a reading or will it work dry?

    Any feedback much appreciated.

  • JimB Link

    28- measured by my doctor 2 years ago. She thought I had been thru a tramua and almost paniced, called a nurse for an adreninie shot. My mom’s side has low heart rates. Down side is, I can’t sustain effort about 170. Ironmans, Century, Death Ride…

  • Chris E Link

    16 years ago i counted 38 on one day only.It was usually 44.My max at that time was 207(25 years old).
    My max now is 186 and rhr of 46 or so but i can do 2 x 20 mins at 173-174 bpm(v02 max).

  • Ady Link

    Doctor measured mine at 36 today, late afternoon after work – i run every evening & weight train every morning – age 44 . I was worried till I read this thread , but now I know I might just be getting fit

  • Sean Link

    When I was 18, my RHR was around 35. I gave up cycling at the age of 27 for abouyt 10 years – just started again and have RHR of 46 – much better than I anticipated. Looking forward to bringing it back into the high 30s.

  • 31, I strapped my cyclosport hrm and after watching those values i stayed inmobile on my bed for about 20 min, going for my personal record, most of the time it was 33. Also I graphed it once while sleeping in a nap, and vagheli i remember at some point it descended abruptly on the deepest part of the sleep, at 28, for about 10 min.
    Never again this was When i was Guatemalas MtB National champ in 1998

  • Juan Maguire Link

    My heart at a rest at 33 all day if I exercise it drops lower I can feel it but I had a good time in the 2 mile run of 10 minutes and 42 seconds and I felt that I could have gone faster.

  • Adrian Farrugia Link

    It seems that genes play an important factor. I am now 27yrs old. 5ft11″ 90kgs. I’ve been training for a full 8yrs 3-6 times weekly. Lots of cardio excercises…i.e. running mainly, cycling, cross trainer, stepper and also some heavy low rep weights. My RHR is not that impressive. Its about 55-60 in the morning and the highest i’ve seen is 186 while running uphill on a treadmill. It seems that i don’t have much luck in genetics. Could it be because i use a caffeine stack.

  • Chr Link

    I’m 23. Resting hr: 40. HRmax: 220. Measured on a stationary bike. Regularly reach 200+ hr when doing cardio :S

  • Mike Link

    The year I held 200 in a crit (with a 208 max) I had a resting morning hr of 34. I was 23 at the time.

  • Darren Link

    : (… geez… i wouldnt say im unhealthy because i have a body fat percentage of 6.5 and can run a mile under7 min 30 secs… but my resting heart rate is around 80… oh yea, by the way, im 14…

  • Darren Link

    yea but in class, when my teachers are really boring… once it goes below 60 bpm, i doze off…

  • Charles Daugherty Link

    Due to a medical problem I’ve been wearing a heart monitor 24 hours a day. I received a phone call at 4:15 AM telling me to go to the ER because my heart rate dropped to 28 bpm during the night.

  • Charles Daugherty Link

    Let me add some more information. I fainted while sitting in church one morning. I’ve been on a 24 hr Holter monitor (34 bpm at about 3:00 AM) and about 7 days on a different Holter monitor (28 – 30 – 31) where my lowest record bpm. All of these happen about 3:00 AM. The ultrasound showed no damage to the heart. I ride 100 to 150 miles a week, run about 6 miles, lift weights, jump rope, and other assorted activities. The Doctor said 28 bpm was really the bottom of the scale and that I might want to consider a pacemaker. He did suggest a second opinion was in order.

  • Kevin Kildea Link

    24 bpm was my lowest… chasing a record I think – some say I’m competitive, LOL. the 24 bpm was recorded via a 24 hour heart monitor – while sleeping at 3AM. 33 at rest in the doctor’s office. Condition known as Athletic heart (Wenckebach- pronounced WINKY-BOK)… heart misses beats, very irregular. 6 months ago my slowest was 28 again while sleeping 42 while awake, so I appear to be sliding lower. I’m 47, 190 pounds, ran 1st marathon last year (3:42). always fit, martial arts, boxing etc. Following up with Electrocardiologist – he gave me all clear last time. Good luck to all!

  • 27 bpm. I run and ride an insane amount daily – and yeah genetics seem to play a big part – lots of world class athletes in my gene pool 🙂

    This is counting with hand over heart. Get this consistent result.

  • lisa Link

    hi everyone, im not fit dont exercise but have 2 kids and house to look after i do walk places do house work all the stuff u shud do i suffer from panic attack and my hear rate can go up to 140bpm but i checked it on rest today and it was 42bpm is this to low for someone that dont exercise or is fit

  • ME Link

    My resting is 36bpm, and my max 200 (IM 26)

  • ella Link

    Lowest resting HR = 18 5 years back while hooked up to a heart rate monitor, and why would people lie about their heart rates?

    now I fattened up and its at 45 bpm

  • carrie Link

    Resting pulse rate 46bpm,not an athlete and am a 32 year old female. Must be genetic.

  • Viniamin Link

    Im 16 and I have a pretty high rate even though I can do 50 pushups in one time. Can alsio do 40 diamond ones. Is it high because of muscle or what? I dont run at all even though I am pretty fast…

  • Greg Link

    my resting is 74 and my max is 180 im 12

  • Kiran Link

    Heya, im 23 and a gym monkey; last autumn i was prepped for a run and started chatting to a mate for a couple of mins – next time i looked down at my bpm and it was at 38. normally it hovers around 44 however.

  • Resting hrt does’nt mean anything other than you are fit. my resting hrt is roughly 36bpm. ther is faster people out there than me with higher resting hrt’s. it doues help to determin overtraining by useing ortostatic testing or wakeing hrt. But still these tests can leave you in the dark because resting and wakeing hrt can be drastcly altered due to nutrition and hydration.

  • Simon Link

    Apparently the lowest ever recorded was some cross country skier, whos RHR was 16! Thats one beat every 4 seconds or so… that must go with a bang!

  • Martin Brady Link

    Nah.. i still got the Guinness book of records at 27 bpm (check your 2009 editions) and i recently quit smoking, cut down drinking and have started cycling a tuk-tuk so maybe 25 next year 🙂 cheers Martin Brady

  • Dave Bellman Link

    I am a construction worker from sun up sun down. Mine has been low for as long as I can remember.low 30’s at sleep low40’s at rest. I just went to hospital thought I had some kind of problem. only thing I can’t figure is at times when I sleep it drops so low it wakes me very abruptly. Doctors have given me my share of tests but yet to see it drop below 30 any comments or help would be nice Thanks Dave

  • Connor Sousa Link

    Hey guys, Im a triathlete in serious training. I’m 17 and run 50-70 miles, bike 175-225 miles and swim about5 miles per week and consider myself in exelent shape. But I’ve been using my garmin 305 to monitor my heartrate throughout the day, but the lowest reading ive ever had is 71 resting. I thought this was kinda high, but wanted some more opinions.

  • trip Link

    35ish. I am 6’4″ 245. not in the best shape. I love to mess with doctors. They say they are going to check it. read for about 2 secs then look up to see if I am about to faint or something. I tell them not to worrry.
    Another time I went in for some minor surgury and they hooked my finger up to the monitor. I had the warning buzzer going off all morning. I would raise it when the nurses would come in. they thought the machine was bad for a while.
    My dad is the same size and can get to 28. The Army had him wear a heart monitor for 3 days. It came back that is was low but not a problem.

  • Efrain Lopez Link

    when i was 14 i was hospitalized for 1 week and i saw my heart rate there than went as low as 28bpm actually the machines they had there started going off and i got scared funny thing my heart rate went up to 35’s after i heard that alarm, and now my resting heart rate is around 40

  • JP Link

    I’ve been seeing a cardiologist since I’ve been in the military (around 8 years). My EKG always registered is the low 30’s. Last week my EKG read 29 sitting up. The military doc’s requested a second opinion and there they laid me down for my EKG and it was 25. I’m 6’3 180lbs and feel great. I play basketball for hours at a time and lift 4-5 times a week. On my stress test they had me on a huge incline and couldn’t get my heart above 155. Anyone relate to this?

  • Kris Link

    I took my 16 yr old son tonight for a sports physical and his rhr was 39. They would not sign off the physcial form until he sees a cardiologist. He is an exteme athlete. Runs 5-10 a day. Run marathons, plays every sport you can imagine. Has only 5% bf. I am going to follow up with a cardiologist but I think I will get a second exam w/o the ekg done. He has not exibited any signs, no dizziness, not lethargic, no loss of appetite. I will absolutely follow up with getting an referral to a cardiologist. I just think that he is an extreme athlete and he also has always had very low bp. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for any input.. Glad I found this thread.

  • Jan Link

    some time ago i watched a documentary about a danish free-diver.
    He could actually force his own heart rate down to the extremes by controlling his breathing / meditating. by extremes I mean HR below 10.
    During a medical exam done during the documentary, he actually did this while being monitored, and reached a heart rate of virtually zero for a short period, but was then informed by the doctor that he should stop going that far as it would be very detrimental to his health.

    I know this is an extreme case, but it just shows that the whole discussion of lowest possible HR is nearly meaningless for the rest of us 🙂

  • PaulC Link

    60 years old, 220 lbs of solid muscle. 3 hour workout 6 days per week for most of my adult life (areobic and weights). Started having heart issues a few weeks ago. Saw a cardiologist. Got all the tests and wore the Holter monitor. Result was Atrial Fibrillation. Need to take lopressor to fix the heart rythm. The cardiologist thinks my resting heart rate is too low (low to mid 40’s). Based of what I’ve learned here and on the web, mid 40’s seems ok for someone with my history and activity level. Now I got myself a Polar RS100 to keep track.

  • Yannick goulet Link

    Dear JP
    i can relate,i am 34 6,1foot 195 ,i play basketball 5 to 6 times a week i also run 15 to 20 k during the week (morning) and lift 3 times a week!! ANYWAYS my heart rate tonight was 46 last year lowest was 48!! during my runs i wear a heart rate watch and the highest i went was 169( all out). when i did my stress test couldnt get it higher than 164, and lowest at docs office 64, i guess the nerves!!LOL i guess we should consider ourselves lucky since the heart has so many ticks during a lifetime . So i was told! 🙂

  • Martin Brady Link

    Just thought that I’d mention I’m in Guinness book of records again (2010 edition this time though 🙂 page 177 slowest heartbeat ever 27 bpm. Still not beaten by Miguel indurain, lance armstrong or any of you lot 😉 cheers Martin

  • Daniel Hahn Link

    Male 29 6’4″ 185 I cycle 3-6 miles everyday sometimes more. I was a college runner and now am training to get into AA level if not pro volleyball. My best friend went to the Olympic trials and trains A WHOLE lot more than I do. My heart rate is resting consistently lower than is by a few beats. He is in much better shape than I am. I usually rest in the mid 40s and imagine that if I really wanted to test in the morning I would be mid 30s.
    I went to Dave and Busters and was worked up and stressed from both playing games and drinking a few beers. We stopped at CVS to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home and I tested there at 57 bpm.
    I drink and smoke and have so for a while. Personally I think it is all genetics. Although I bet I would perform much better athletically if I didn’t smoke or drink as much.